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This is something I love to write about… you see, I think it’s quite Spanish!  But, are you letting this sentiment get in the way of progressing in your career?  Are you letting it impede you from practicing your English? How about in your relationships… does it get in your way?

A little bit of anything, or, better said, not […]

Embarassing moments for entire countries

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We’ve all embarrassed ourselves at some point; it’s just human nature. Dropped food on yourself at dinner with that cute guy you’ve been crushing on? Yeah, he saw it. Said something that you meant but shouldn’t have said to your boss? She heard you, sorry. You can try and explain […]

What does Barney Stinson do? P.L.E.A.S.E.

P.L.E.A.S.E. Barney Stinson

This short video lets the spectator in on a well-kept secret throughout the years of this popular tv series.  It has excellent vocabulary for our purposes, so, enjoy!

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What does Barney do for a living?
Can you describe his job, before seeing the video, and after?
How does he describe […]

Are you preparing a meeting or interview in English?


The S.O.A.R. Answer Model

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Are you often in situations when you find yourself either speaking too much or, perhaps, not enough?  When do you usually figure it out, a few hours later, or while you are actually in the situation?

This may be more of a stress factor when you are communicating in a different language, so I find it […]

Pizza, what could go wrong? Right?

Here we go… I must have been hungry when thinking of the topics to include this week! I would say that this is as silly as it gets. Truth be said – people are more relaxed when on their free time – in the kitchen – or with pizza 😉 so DO suppose that they are more accident prone.
Don’t […]

The math behind the profile pic

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Does being photogenic have anything to do with the profile pics people post? I mean, if you think you are not photogenic, you make more classic mistakes while posing or planning?

How often have you seen someone hiding behind a hand, or only showing an eye in a close-up, or with their head tilted, or, or, […]

Marital life fraud: Stories by victims

How to build Man – Using Normal Resources to make sure you Attract Guys Most of them. those that are located towards you, how possibly how can you identify the types who may be potential matches suitable for you? Sorry to say, individuals don’t walk around with is manifest on which usually let you know about most […]

Technology fills voids and fulfills dreams.

I love technology – but not as you may think.  I’m from the generation of those who were first-hand witnesses of the dawning of the age of communication.  I remember the first conversations of people trying to describe to me what the internet was, or how to send a fax – or… how RUDE it was to answer the […]

Work Ethics to Overcome

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Work ethics to overcome

An under two minute audio of one man’s memories from the seventies.

This is under two minutes, but stop and listen to this gentleman speaking.  I always try and find something for the blog that is “authentic”, for you to listen, watch, or read something that is suitable not only for the topic […]

Currency Brides and International Internet dating

Because both equally partners is going to be accustomed to trying to keep their habits, it is going to contribute couples to be able to participate in issues when they should make choices or within their everyday everyday life. The most suitable companion can market and foster each other whilst destroying 1 another’s lives. The connections formed are extremely […]