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Economic Reasoning Propositions

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Suggested homework… send us your thoughts and descriptions on the following…

This resource is directly from the Foundation for Teaching Economics.  I believe that it is excellent food for thought, and a good way to initiate explicatory conversation.  Note that the spelling is American English.


The Foundation for Teaching Economics’ Economic Reasoning Propositions are a guide to the economic […]

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Just Do It – Has done it again!

I’ve heard quite a bit of discussion over this campaign.  What do you think? Is the controversy worth it? Do you think that people burning up their trainers is a good thing?

Don’t forget to send me your thoughts or comment below!

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The sportswear maker Nike has announced it will use […]

Paradox of Value


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A lovely description of the famed Paradox of Value, Adam Smith. The author, Akshita Agarwal does a great job of simplifying matters and including important vocabulary.

Can you send me your own definitions or examples of:
Opportunity Cost
Concept of utility
Marginal utility

How would you describe, for example, the paradox through a modern-day situation to a child?


00:06 Imagine you’re on a […]