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Why I’ll always have work

It’s true… for some reason, here in Spain, people share a common trait which has guaranteed, and continues to do so… that I will always have a job.

I’ll give you a hint:  Among other things, I’m an English teacher.

The common trait (you might be asking yourself)?

El sentido del ridículo
This may work against me (if you were to adhere to […]

Elf on the shelf – really???

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One tradition that came about while I was already living in Spain – and never fully understood.- THE ELF ON THE SHELF?  Can anybody explain that to me? How in the world could that tradition even begin??  eeks.

All of a sudden I started seeing all of these pictures on my friends facebook profiles – of these […]

Some Christmas traditions – explained

Have you ever wondered why certain traditions are followed during the Christmas season?  Of course, everyone probably knows the typical cultural differences (Santa and the legend behind him, for example), and the Three Wise Men.  They don’t visit every country, however.  There are many traditions that aren’t necessarily followed here in Spain, or at least, not to the “T” […]

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    Sustainable Development Goals, David Attenborough speaks out and up for Climate Change

Sustainable Development Goals, David Attenborough speaks out and up for Climate Change

After speaking with some of our students in the economic sector, it was brought to my attention that a topic of interest is the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS set out by the UN.  Although Number 1 is to end poverty, this week has been an interesting week for climate change, as none other than Sir David Attenborough spoke on the […]

Brexit – explained

Brexit is an oncoming reality.  Have you thought more as a Spanish person, or more on what that would mean to the British person?  There are quite a few Spanish people working and living there, or vice-versa, British living in Spain.  What does this all mean to them?

Many comments I’ve heard have to do with “whose fault it was”… […]

Elderly couple wins big and the reaction is priceless

This is the “million dollar question”… and it’s great for level testing in English, so, I’ve heard quite a few responses.  MUCH to my surprise… when I interview a group of people who happen to work in a bank… well, what do you think, are their responses similar?  AS a matter of fact, they are.  And I must say, […]