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6 razones para probar clases telefónicas

Tras haber argumentado qué son las clases telefónicas y su relevancia hoy en día en el artículo ‘Estudiar desde casa: la nueva formación’ presento las seis razones más importantes por las que probarlo:

–      Ahorro en tiempo
La puntualidad mejora con solo presionar un botón a la hora acordada. También podrás aprovechar las clases desde cualquier lugar (incluyendo vacaciones).

–     […]

Brexit, gambling and the possible benefits for Spain

It seems that the world has gone mad… politics is just going – crazy! No matter what “side” you are on, no matter what conversation it is – there is no denying it.  So – when I come across a little gem like this article – full forward.  The original title varies, it speaks of the complexity of the […]

Preaching to the choir in Human Resources

I’ve got a few questions for you.  As far as I know the term “Human Resources”
is becoming extinct.  Now the titles are
much more open.  So – suffice to say,
just the title of this Ted Talk caught my eye. 
As I listened, I noticed that this speaker is an excellent speaker for
ESL students – well paced, great intonation, and her talk […]

Such rich HHRR vocabulary, Monsters Inc. never grows old!

This is a short recap of all of the scenes with what seems like a burnt out civil servant. Have you seen this movie? Don’t shy away from it due to the fact that it is seemingly for children. The entire plot takes place in a factory, and the situations may be applied to practically […]

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    Malta as the most competetive European Country? I wonder why.

Malta as the most competetive European Country? I wonder why.

Click to original BBC article.

I was doing a search for an article to do with economics, competition, the Euro. This came up, and I just could not avoid it. I don’t know much of the Maltese culture, except that we work with an amazing language school there for intensive courses. I usually recommend it when someone […]

Got the back to work blues?

Try a system to get you out of it. Fact: you have to go back to work, even if you don’t reallllly want to. You might as well enjoy it!

This article goes over a few game plans to go back to enjoying your work, and to get over your holidays with a smile on your face.

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    Did the predictions of the technological trends of 2018 come true?

Did the predictions of the technological trends of 2018 come true?

There are always predictions of what is most likely to happen in the upcoming year – what do you think of what happenned last year? As far as I understand, the economic field is the most advanced with their technological trends.

Watch this video and let me know your thoughts!