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Officially helping someone with imposter syndrome

This short article deals with what a mentor should do to mentor someone with imposter syndrome.  Reality has it that quite a few of us out there suffer from this.  The imposter syndrome doesn’t let the person who suffers from it recognize their own success, never believing they deserve what they have, based on their own merit.  It mentions […]

There is a lot to be said about writing an email properly.

There is a lot to be said for writing an email properly.  We have many requests for specialized classes.  Perhaps it is that in English we are much more to the point, however, not direct.  My recommendations: simplify.

Let’s get our conversation started with this video, as yourself these questions previous to watching it:

What does she do for a […]

Choosing the seating for a meeting

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Have you ever been in that situation that… you just don’t know? For me, it has always depended on the attitude of the others, so it has never felt like much of a problem – except of course, that one time. That one time it didn’t feel natural, other people were undecided, so, […]

Musicals – Sharing tastes?

I don’t think my huge love of musicals is shared by… any of my friends (yes – I have friends 😉 ).  I tend to think that it’s somewhat cultural – most of the musicals I know originated in the Anglo-Saxon world.  In the past, I think it’s safe to say that not so many people spoke English, much […]

Disgruntled employees? Not here, that’s for sure!

I’ve always said that I’d hire anybody who has McDonald’s on their cv, before other candidates, and possible more qualified candidates. The work ethics are just incredible there! With so many viral videos of unhappy employees in other fast food chains, I guess I mistakenly put them into the same category. Mistake – big mistake.

This article interviews […]

Classified: Training manager financial industry

I typed: training manager financial industry into google and this is what I got. Quite different job descriptions. However, I particularly liked how it was done.
What do you think the job descriptions are for?
Would you post something similar, or vastly different?
These jobs are in Canada, and there is a constant: quite clear and concise, and all the while, they […]

What comes first, the money or the person?

When you
think about this title, what comes to mind?  Consumerism perhaps? Following your
dreams?  Never better said:  don’t get fooled by the title!  Such a lovely topic:  money. 
Well – it turns out that this study came up with some results that I
found to be extremely valid, obvious and quite frankly – surprising at the same

So – skim through
this article and […]