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Beauty in sustainable energy – for real this time

First things first –
the picture is “just a pretty window” – I didn’t want to steal any images. Follow
through with the article and to her web and you will have plenty to see of her
original work.

At this stage of life, we all know that our companies must and can do their part in forging a better – more sustainable […]

Where are the limits of our personal freedom?

We know that we are controlled – and we are all quite passive about it – we even reap the benefits I’d say. There is always some sort of plus to being offered exactly what you want, when you want it.

Let me ask you this – do you even read the fine print of the agreements […]

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    Is humour for all? Apparently not – at least not for women!?!

Is humour for all? Apparently not – at least not for women!?!

Ok – we can take this with a grain of salt. I mean – we are in Spain and not the USA. I tend to see less humour involved in business here in Spain. I also see that women in business are very serious anyways. Is that even a fair statement? I hadn’t […]

Public Speaking for Beginners

Actually – I think this is an excellent video for a few reasons. ONE – if you don’t know these points – boy have you got alot of important things to learn! Now comes the interesting part – if you DO know what this is all about – EXCELLENT! Now that you’ve got the topic that […]

How far would you go to help your competition?

That is precisely the question that the CEO of Qantas airlines had to ask himself when he received this plee. He went all-out. He actually invited the head of the other airlines to visit their office, and got into detailed responses. Who was the audacious CEO who went straight out to ask him about his companies […]

Motivational Speech of the Century

This is a tear jerker and it has an effect on anybody, I’d say. So – tell the truth – how much time do you invest in listening to motivational speeches? Is a situation of “If you’ve heard one, you’ve heard them all.”?

Tell me what you think after watching this video.

Link to original source on Youtube.

Greta Thunberg and her case

She certainly has got the attention of the world.  What is it about her saying it that makes everybody pay attention?  Her passion about the subject, the fact that she is a kid, her carefully selected words?  I guess it’s a bit of everything.

I know quite a few people who are making changes in their lives to do with […]