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I can do that

Enjoy this 8 minute video, very easy to follow – and extremely funny – IF you are British. Quick question – is it funny for you also? Humour can be quite territorial.

Suggested homework –

How many expressions can you get out of the others, for normal everyday situations – that didn’t go through?Describe some of the […]

PARE – How far is too far for anglicisms?

Sometimes I have to stop the person I’m speaking with and ask them “Excuse me, but what exactly did you mean to say with ___?”. It’s a bit complicated for me to follow the Spanish meaning of the English words, now used as something “cool”. I’d love to hear your opinions – I tend to remember that […]

We are getting old, and nobody is having babies!

Ok – it’s a slight exaggeration (I’ll never get old ;)), but now that I’ve got your undivided attention – what should we do about it? Whatmore, a few questions come to mind – how do we treat the elderly? What age shall we be expected to work until? How long will the younger generation be socially accepted […]

Politics and the social media: are we learning?

Everybody knows, as our dear Leonard Cohen would have said – but do they care? How much do each one of us actually appreciate how much information is collected about us and used in order to “improve our lives”? I for one, don’t mind – that much. Here’s the thing though – I don’t feel like […]

Control yourself! Help at the hour of conflict – read on!

Everyone has conflict in their lives – at some level. But – exactly how good at it are you? I mean – do you let it become conflict, or do you have a technique and actually enjoy it? Oh – and let me be clear – by conflict – I mean any sort of conversation in which […]