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Madness in the movie: in defence of going gothic

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the upsell of public discussion around mental illness has not resulted in a sudden increase in films about the subject. It’s a complex topic, rarely box-office gold. But the acknowledgement that mentally ill characters shouldn’t be consigned to the asylum of the criminally insane, like Psycho’s Norman Bates, dates back some time now. From One Flew Over the […]

The saddest day of the year: Blue Monday

Photo: Sydney Sims @Unsplash
The story goes that ‘Blue Monday’ is the ‘most depressing day of the year’ based on a calculation of factors such as weather, debt levels, time since Christmas and time since failing our new year’s resolutions. In truth, Blue Monday was created in 2006 by PR people to sell summer holidays – to hook us into […]

January 17, 1920: The Law that Dried the Nation

Photo: Chuttersnap @Unsplash
Through the nineteenth century, national resentment of the abuses of alcohol and its consumption in saloons grew slowly but incessantly. Alcohol consumption was considered a demoralizing and dangerous habit, a deplorable institution, and a form of social slavery. The proposals for prohibiting the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcohol started at a local level, initiated by prohibition […]

5 curiosities behind the story of the Three Wise Men

They’ve been called magi, kings, and wise men. But who were they, really? We know that the Bible is inerrant, but do we know that throughout time traditions have been added to the true Biblical story? You may be shocked to hear this, but there are multiple myths surrounding this brief story written in Matthew 2. They were most […]