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Is heroism defined by one great act?

Covid-19 might be a villain with global ambitions but it’s certainly not without its nemeses. The notion of the hero has become a global motif. In Thailand, artists have launched an online campaign dubbed ‘Support Our Heroes’, while in the US the Democrats have proposed a premium pay scheme for essential workers called the ‘Heroes Fund’.

Philip Zimbardo, professor emeritus […]

How robots have joined the battle against coronavirus

Photo by Lukas @Unsplash
From taking temperatures remotely to helping with hand washing, robots are helping with healthcare around the world. Thousands of devices have been interacting with contagious hospital patients in China, Japan and Korea as well as some care homes in the US.

They are practical and handy because they can all be regulated but, will they replace in […]

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    Coronavirus lockdown: As Easter holidays begin, families feel strain

Coronavirus lockdown: As Easter holidays begin, families feel strain

Photo by: Siavash Ghanbari @Unsplash
We may never forget the coronavirus lockdown. But are we still going to be talking to each other at the end of it? Because apart from worries about the virus, there are likely to be rising tensions in some families having to live on top of one another at home.

In ordinary times, couples spend on […]