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I consider myself to be "More spanish than you... I chose this country!". I've been living in Spain more time than not, and involved with language training most of that time. I consider myself to be an extremely fortunate person. This is a place for me to share some of that experience.

Some Christmas traditions – explained

Have you ever wondered why certain traditions are followed during the Christmas season?  Of course, everyone probably knows the typical cultural differences (Santa and the legend behind him, for example), and the Three Wise Men.  They don’t visit every country, however.  There are many traditions that aren’t necessarily followed here in Spain, or at least, not to the “T” […]

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    Sustainable Development Goals, David Attenborough speaks out and up for Climate Change

Sustainable Development Goals, David Attenborough speaks out and up for Climate Change

After speaking with some of our students in the economic sector, it was brought to my attention that a topic of interest is the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS set out by the UN.  Although Number 1 is to end poverty, this week has been an interesting week for climate change, as none other than Sir David Attenborough spoke on the […]

Brexit – explained

Brexit is an oncoming reality.  Have you thought more as a Spanish person, or more on what that would mean to the British person?  There are quite a few Spanish people working and living there, or vice-versa, British living in Spain.  What does this all mean to them?

Many comments I’ve heard have to do with “whose fault it was”… […]

Elderly couple wins big and the reaction is priceless

This is the “million dollar question”… and it’s great for level testing in English, so, I’ve heard quite a few responses.  MUCH to my surprise… when I interview a group of people who happen to work in a bank… well, what do you think, are their responses similar?  AS a matter of fact, they are.  And I must say, […]

Numeracy Skills – the basics

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Is there much of a difference between generations of people you know?  When I first came to Spain, I was impressed about the general skills that most anybody had concerning math, culture, language.  It seemed to be like a very sound and broad education.  I’m not quite sure I still think the same.  Read on and […]

British Slang

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Both of these actresses have an excellent pronunciation.  I have a feeling that many of our students would be surprised at the lack of vocabulary that both continents share.

The truth is, slang, or even everyday sayings are quite particular to specific areas.  so – no – I didn’t know ANY of these expressions!  Now […]

What would it take to move somewhere similar?

I came across this gem of an article yesterday.  It contains a series of mini-interviews with different people who had decided at some point to move to this remote village, only accessible by boat or a rugged hike.  Who would do that, and why?  You may be surprised, it’s not a village full of criminals, I’ll tell you that!

Suggested […]

Mentoring – who can take it, and who should deal it?

Mentoring – who can take it, and who should deal it?
This is a potentially complicated topic.  I had always heard “don’t get an old dog to teach new tricks”.  Meaning?  It wasn’t exactly in the company’s best interest to have begruntled employees showing the ropes to the new employees.  How could it be?  So – this begs the question, […]

How are your microwave skills?

How many times has somebody suggested to you a kitchen trick, or, worse yet, what you were doing wrong in the kitchen!?  I personally am a kitchen freak, so, as I am a proud person, I never think that I’ll learn much in this type of article, but I read it, just to think “ha, I knew that”, and […]

And the human voice?

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This is a short audio track that I discovered, and quite enjoyed.  A gentleman not voicing his opinion, moreover he is sharing an anecdote which shows his opinion.

The title?  What has happened to the human voice?

Before listening… what do you think the man will address with his story?

Before you read or listen, think about just […]