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I consider myself to be "More spanish than you... I chose this country!". I've been living in Spain more time than not, and involved with language training most of that time. I consider myself to be an extremely fortunate person. This is a place for me to share some of that experience.

Pizza, what could go wrong? Right?

Here we go… I must have been hungry when thinking of the topics to include this week! I would say that this is as silly as it gets. Truth be said – people are more relaxed when on their free time – in the kitchen – or with pizza 😉 so DO suppose that they are more accident prone.
Don’t […]

The math behind the profile pic

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Does being photogenic have anything to do with the profile pics people post? I mean, if you think you are not photogenic, you make more classic mistakes while posing or planning?

How often have you seen someone hiding behind a hand, or only showing an eye in a close-up, or with their head tilted, or, or, […]

Technology fills voids and fulfills dreams.

I love technology – but not as you may think.  I’m from the generation of those who were first-hand witnesses of the dawning of the age of communication.  I remember the first conversations of people trying to describe to me what the internet was, or how to send a fax – or… how RUDE it was to answer the […]

Work Ethics to Overcome

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Work ethics to overcome

An under two minute audio of one man’s memories from the seventies.

This is under two minutes, but stop and listen to this gentleman speaking.  I always try and find something for the blog that is “authentic”, for you to listen, watch, or read something that is suitable not only for the topic […]

Foreign Currency and Exchange

The world of foreign currency often seems confusing.  Euro, rubles, yen and krona are terms difficult enough to comprehend on their own without adding the task of trying to figure out what each is worth in terms of United States dollars.

All of these currencies are money, so all serve the same functions.  Money is a medium of exchange, a […]

How Exactly does binary code work?

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*Trancription below!

The vocabulary and thought with this video allows you to explore new conversations or pathways, using the same constructions that you would with your normal conversations and economic material.

Go ahead and see how much you understand without reading the transcript.

Remember, try answering the questions that you yourself make (who, what, where, when, why, […]

Economic Reasoning Propositions

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Suggested homework… send us your thoughts and descriptions on the following…

This resource is directly from the Foundation for Teaching Economics.  I believe that it is excellent food for thought, and a good way to initiate explicatory conversation.  Note that the spelling is American English.


The Foundation for Teaching Economics’ Economic Reasoning Propositions are a guide to the economic […]

Just Do It – Has done it again!

I’ve heard quite a bit of discussion over this campaign.  What do you think? Is the controversy worth it? Do you think that people burning up their trainers is a good thing?

Don’t forget to send me your thoughts or comment below!

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The sportswear maker Nike has announced it will use […]

Paradox of Value


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A lovely description of the famed Paradox of Value, Adam Smith. The author, Akshita Agarwal does a great job of simplifying matters and including important vocabulary.

Can you send me your own definitions or examples of:
Opportunity Cost
Concept of utility
Marginal utility

How would you describe, for example, the paradox through a modern-day situation to a child?


00:06 Imagine you’re on a […]

Walking, other than for exercise

Going for walks releases your creative process.


With this short video from Ted Talks, I suggest the following. 

A few questions for afterthought:

Do you already do this?
Do you already do this, and hadn’t realized this particular benefit?
What do you do to release your creative process?

I enjoy these types of exercises for our students.  This empowers you to advance […]