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Spain is Taking Care of Business

How many people do you know either in GB or in Spain who are somewhat up in the air with the Brexit ordeal?  They have invested their life savings in living in Spain, or have dedicated their career to working in Great Britain – so – what will happen next? How will things continue?  Can things get even worse?  […]

Political Correctness Put to the Challenge

The good boy of the world is now seen under a different light. In Canada it IS a big deal – that is basically what he has been selling, right?  Should it be such a big deal in the rest of the world? How does the rest of the world see it?  What am I speaking of? The Canadian […]

Get Your Money in Order for 2020

This article gives advice to the readers on what to do so that everything is ready for 2020.  She even provides a checklist.  Do you have a checklist (at least in your mind) of things you should do in order to improve your economic situation?  Of course, this article is directed to an American audience (from the USA).  Is […]

The Eye in the Sky

Drones – what outweighs their advantages?  A few years ago I met a person who was somewhat frustrated, at having started a drone company – and not having the legislation to back it up.  He was utterly convinced of the brilliant future for the technology.  This hasn’t been a topic of conversation for me since, nobody has brought it […]

Has your view on Brexit changed?

How has the world’s perception of how Brexit would affect it?

The most recent explanation of the situation can be seen in this video –
MPs Reject Johnson’s Election Plans… Why? – Brexit Explained


Try comparing thoughts with this explanation taken from an article in CECA in 2016.

Of course, the content of each isn’t along the same line, one isan update on […]

It’s official – in Spain – NO FREELOADING

This was already a blog post –but it seemed so far away at that time, almost a year ago! We spoke about a case in Canada of parents who just couldn’t keep up with the costs of their son, and officially got him kicked out of the house.  Little did I know that so quickly it would spread to […]

Vacation? Smacation – that’s what I say!

“Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation?” – Zig Ziglar

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” – Elbert Hubbard


Productivity certainly does go down upon return of  vacations.  This is a slightly more difficult topic in Spain, as far as I’m concerned, as most Spaniards, or […]

Maybe he couldn’t read the sign?


Link to article that sparked my interest.

On August 28th, aproximately 130 flights had to be cancelled in Munich.  The reason? You might rightfully ask yourself… None other than that of a young, uninformed twenty some year old Spanish guy, who WENT IN THE WRONG DOOR in the airport – you know, the one that says DO NOT ENTER – […]

Owning your introduction


The first thing that comes to mind with a title like that – is how to introduce a topic, no? Ah, my friend – I am speaking about something much, much more important.  Just how do you introduce yourself? Does it vary in English?

This Ted Talk is an eye-opener.  And I like it.  Our introduction, obviously, is the first […]

What is culture these days?

This is just a quick nod in the direction of necessity.  I was following up on a different article and was taken aback.  I clicked onto the “culture” section of the Guardian – and the only articles available had to do with television shows!  The worse part of it is – and I must be honest here- I hadn’t […]