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Formadora y coordinadora de e-Learning en Elingua. Filóloga inglesa con Máster en Literatura Inglesa y Traducción. Amante de los libros, las buenas historias, las conversaciones interesantes y los viajes culturales.
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    Interest and enrolment in virtual schools surge around the country

Interest and enrolment in virtual schools surge around the country

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Over the past weeks, American teachers, parents, and administrators have made heroic efforts to keep classes learning despite school closures for almost every district in the country. As stakeholders have come to terms with remote learning throughout K-12 grade levels, some have begun to look forward to next year. That anticipation has led some in the direction […]

How to adapt to COVID changes in education

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Modern education has never seen as much upheaval as it experienced in 2020 due to the lockdowns imposed worldwide in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 1.2 billion students around the world were unable to attend classes at educational establishments at the height of the pandemic, and the future of school openings is still up in […]

Foundations and benefits of game-based learning

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Gaming elements have long been used in education. In recent years, game-based learning has become a trend with a broad range of applications.
Educators use it across various disciplines to enhance collaboration, help students to grasp a tough lesson, or even structure an entire course in the form of a game.
Let us have a closer look at […]

e-Learning for kids: Here’s what you can do

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These days, many teachers are attempting to leverage eLearning tools and programs to help their students learn more effectively than ever before.
But eLearning tech doesn’t always take with kids immediately.
While eLearning can definitely be a challenge for kids, there are many things you can do to make the transition smooth.


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9 Time & money management tips for students

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Does it seem like your time and money simply disappear over the course of a semester? Do you constantly lack time not only for studies but for family errands as well? Everyone can benefit from improving time and money management skills.

The time factor combined with the ability to allocate financial resources is critically […]

Gamification in the workplace

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Gamification in the workplace refers to any number of digital technologies that are designed and implemented in order to motivate and teach employees, and increase productivity. Gamification typically makes use of online applications (although in-house proprietary ones are also developed and used) that provide employees with novel ways to learn about their roles, what is […]

Study hacks to improve your memory

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Studying for exams can be a stressful time for students. You have to try and retain information in a short space of time, and then you need to put what you’ve learned into practice. Do you struggle to retain information when you study? You’re not alone. Many people struggle to remember their exam notes. […]

The value of essay writing skills

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Writing education, a precursor to the literary teachings of advanced high school classes and a variety of college majors or electives, begins in kindergarten. Children learn the alphabet, they learn to read, and practice their penmanship on papers with lines that have been divided like roads. Then, they learn to string letters and words […]

Studying in a coworking space during COVID-19

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The concept of the coworking space was initially developed to provide workers from the gig economy and start-ups with a place where they can work flexibly and affordably. In recent years, however, these shared offices are no longer reserved exclusively for working people. They have also successfully attracted students into the fold. Now, this […]

The benefits of online HR training programs

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Online training is available across a wide range of professional disciplines, and HR is no different in this respect. Of course, unless you have actually taken advantage of the various HR training programs that can be accessed today, you will not have been exposed to their advantages. Here is a closer look at the perks […]