• British Slang

British Slang

  • noviembre 27th, 2018

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Both of these actresses have an excellent pronunciation.  I […]

  • Embarassed?


This is something I love to write about… you see, I think it’s quite […]

  • Work Ethics to Overcome

Work Ethics to Overcome

  • octubre 9th, 2018

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Work ethics to overcome

An under two minute audio of one […]

Ted Talks: Imposter Syndrome

  • septiembre 18th, 2018

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Guidelines for listening exercise:

Go ahead and watch this video, at […]

  • Don’t Insist on English!

Don’t Insist on English!

  • septiembre 4th, 2018

Don’t insist on English! 

Original video (if you prefer to watch it with subtitles, […]

  • Personality traits that may limit your career

Personality traits that may limit your career

  • septiembre 4th, 2018


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Everyone has a part of them that needs some working on, especially when […]

  • Is Stress Real?

Is Stress Real?

  • julio 10th, 2018


I love this website, making the viewer see the world through comedy and with […]

  • Modern Offices

Modern Offices

  • julio 2nd, 2018


Sometimes the best way to advance in your English is to think new thoughts […]

  • Entrevista para Oxford: las claves del éxito

Entrevista para Oxford: las claves del éxito

  • febrero 21st, 2017

Posiblemente, una de las entrevistas más difíciles pero gratificantes.#Oxfordtest University of Oxford Bcc-NEWS #BCC

Publicada por Elingua en Jueves, 9 de febrero de 2017