Owning your introduction


The first thing that comes to mind with a title like that – is how to introduce a topic, no? Ah, my friend – I am speaking about something much, much more important.  Just how do you introduce yourself? Does it vary in English?

This Ted Talk is an eye-opener.  And I like it.  Our introduction, obviously, is the first […]

What is culture these days?

This is just a quick nod in the direction of necessity.  I was following up on a different article and was taken aback.  I clicked onto the “culture” section of the Guardian – and the only articles available had to do with television shows!  The worse part of it is – and I must be honest here- I hadn’t […]

What could go wrong with pushing China too far, right?

Everyone agrees that this is a time for deep political thought, for people to react and take action. People ARE actually voting! Changes can be made! We have all become oh too aware, that – for example – the decisions of some country folk in a different land (the main people responsible for Trump being in power) can […]

Presentation GREF – Elingua Collaboration

It has almost been a year since we have begun with our weekly collaboration with GREF: AN OPEN DOOR TO ENGLISH. We would love to hear some feedback – or let’s just say – suggestions. The debate was opened last week at our round table – Is it worth the money invested? – Does the company […]

The Marie Kondo effect

When was the first time you heard of Marie Kondo and her method? Under what circumstances did you have that conversation? A method to – improve your life? – to clean your house? – to end a marriage?

Yes! You heard right – the last conversation that I actually had was from a desperate wife – saying that […]

New HR trends for 2019

Reading this article, one may get the impression that the future is already here. When speaking of trends – do you usually consider that the preparation for future necessities is included? I mean – the topics include how the babies being born this year will live to be over a hundred years old.

The first headline does grab […]

Be Like Water…

Elingua is proud to announce an event we are having in the heart of the financial area of Madrid – at the feet of the Torres Picasso. Sign up ( for our Master Class – you will NOT be disappointed! Send us a quick email and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Light pollution in Spain

Before going on with this article – NOTE DOWN THIS DATE: 24th of May, 2019. We are having an event, at the foot of the Torres Picasso. You WILL enjoy it – the title of the talk is “Be Like Water”. If you write to me: I will send you the program.

This article […]

I can do that

Enjoy this 8 minute video, very easy to follow – and extremely funny – IF you are British. Quick question – is it funny for you also? Humour can be quite territorial.

Suggested homework –

How many expressions can you get out of the others, for normal everyday situations – that didn’t go through?Describe some of the […]

PARE – How far is too far for anglicisms?

Sometimes I have to stop the person I’m speaking with and ask them “Excuse me, but what exactly did you mean to say with ___?”. It’s a bit complicated for me to follow the Spanish meaning of the English words, now used as something “cool”. I’d love to hear your opinions – I tend to remember that […]