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    Coronavirus: Ghana’s dancing pallbearers become Covid-19 meme

Coronavirus: Ghana’s dancing pallbearers become Covid-19 meme

In 2017, a troupe of Ghanaian pallbearers went viral following BBC Africa’s coverage of their flamboyant coffin-carrying dances, garnering millions of views. Three years later and the group has experienced a second round of internet fame, with social media users adopting the troupe as a dark-humoured symbol of death in the time of Covid-19.

BBC Africa’s Sulley Lansah met up […]

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    Cutting phone time when hours with your devices are a necessity

Cutting phone time when hours with your devices are a necessity

With social distancing protocols in place amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and hours of isolation taking a toll on our sanity, screens have been a saving grace for many.
Amid the crisis, views on Instagram Live doubled in one week, Facebook reported a 70% increase in Messenger group video calls and WhatsApp has seen a 40% increase in usage.
“Reaching for our phones is a common coping […]

Can English remain the ‘world’s favourite’ language?

Photo by: Rohan Reddy @Unsplash
English is spoken by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, but do the development of translation technology and “hybrid” languages threaten its status? Which country boasts the most English speakers, or people learning to speak English?
According to a study published by Cambridge University Press, up to 350 million people in China have at least some […]

How to get to sleep during lockdown

Since the coronavirus lockdown, the hashtag “can’t sleep” has been trending, with tales of people struggling to get their heads down for the night.

One of those people is Laura Coppell who declares that before the lockdown, she would sleep like a log, but now it’s the opposite. If that’s also you, here’s how you can reverse that trend. Follow […]

You are more than you think: Discover what you are made of

Photo by: Luke Chesser @Unsplash

Our bodies are extraordinary. They contain elements that have a commercial value, megabytes of data, and trillions of cells, most of which aren’t our own. Welcome to The Making of Me and You, a unique, new digital interactive from BBC Earth that details extraordinary personalised facts and instantly find out things like: the chemical ingredients […]

Is heroism defined by one great act?

Covid-19 might be a villain with global ambitions but it’s certainly not without its nemeses. The notion of the hero has become a global motif. In Thailand, artists have launched an online campaign dubbed ‘Support Our Heroes’, while in the US the Democrats have proposed a premium pay scheme for essential workers called the ‘Heroes Fund’.

Philip Zimbardo, professor emeritus […]

How robots have joined the battle against coronavirus

Photo by Lukas @Unsplash
From taking temperatures remotely to helping with hand washing, robots are helping with healthcare around the world. Thousands of devices have been interacting with contagious hospital patients in China, Japan and Korea as well as some care homes in the US.

They are practical and handy because they can all be regulated but, will they replace in […]

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    Coronavirus lockdown: As Easter holidays begin, families feel strain

Coronavirus lockdown: As Easter holidays begin, families feel strain

Photo by: Siavash Ghanbari @Unsplash
We may never forget the coronavirus lockdown. But are we still going to be talking to each other at the end of it? Because apart from worries about the virus, there are likely to be rising tensions in some families having to live on top of one another at home.

In ordinary times, couples spend on […]

Here’s how you can stop bad information from going viral

Photo by: Filip Mishevski @Unsplash
You want to help family and friends and keep them in the loop. So, when you receive fresh advice – whether by email, WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter – you might quickly forward it on to them.
Coronavirus misinformation is flooding the internet and experts are calling on the public to practise “information hygiene”. What can you […]

What happens when everyday life suddenly changes?

Photo by: Matthew Tran @Unsplash
The lack of noise can be deafening. Quiet streets, empty public transport, bars and restaurants that have closed, self-isolating families and locked-down cities have become part of the strange days of this Covid-19 pandemic.
If the world is holding its breath to see what happens next, Codogno, a small town in Lombardy, is a microcosm of […]