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Black Friday: Do you know when you’re being manipulated?

Have you bought anything during this Black Friday or Cyber Monday? If so, this news is of interest to you. And if you haven’t bought anything, too. It is Black Friday week and in shop windows, across websites, on the radio and in your email inbox will be discounts to tempt you. Shoppers are expected to splurge almost £8bn […]

How dating app algorithms predict romantic desire

Lots of apps and websites claim to be able to use data to sort through profiles for better matches. By completing their personality tests, they say they can save your thumb the effort of swiping. The issue for scientists who might want to investigate their data, and journalists who want to fact-check their claims, is that the algorithms are […]

Cigarettes: leaders in modern marketing methods?

In the late 19th century, cigarettes were seen as lower-status than cigars, which –crucially– were proving altogether harder to mechanize but the secret to increase its production –and therefore, sales– was in advertising. The idea originated in Virginia by James Bonsack, an inventor who needed to boost its economy (and actually did). By 1923, cigarettes had become the most […]

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    Identify the signs of scammers in the Spanish market: how to spot fraud when flat-hunting

Identify the signs of scammers in the Spanish market: how to spot fraud when flat-hunting

Martín-Consuegra’s case is one of the many such fraudulent methods used in the rental market in Spain, and which are benefiting from a 50% rise in prices over the last five years. The situation is given current precarious employment and few options to buy properties that live renting as the only option left open.

This is where scammers’ picaresque comes […]

Political Correctness Put to the Challenge

The good boy of the world is now seen under a different light. In Canada it IS a big deal – that is basically what he has been selling, right?  Should it be such a big deal in the rest of the world? How does the rest of the world see it?  What am I speaking of? The Canadian […]

Get Your Money in Order for 2020

This article gives advice to the readers on what to do so that everything is ready for 2020.  She even provides a checklist.  Do you have a checklist (at least in your mind) of things you should do in order to improve your economic situation?  Of course, this article is directed to an American audience (from the USA).  Is […]

It’s official – in Spain – NO FREELOADING

This was already a blog post –but it seemed so far away at that time, almost a year ago! We spoke about a case in Canada of parents who just couldn’t keep up with the costs of their son, and officially got him kicked out of the house.  Little did I know that so quickly it would spread to […]

Vacation? Smacation – that’s what I say!

“Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation?” – Zig Ziglar

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” – Elbert Hubbard


Productivity certainly does go down upon return of  vacations.  This is a slightly more difficult topic in Spain, as far as I’m concerned, as most Spaniards, or […]

Owning your introduction


The first thing that comes to mind with a title like that – is how to introduce a topic, no? Ah, my friend – I am speaking about something much, much more important.  Just how do you introduce yourself? Does it vary in English?

This Ted Talk is an eye-opener.  And I like it.  Our introduction, obviously, is the first […]

What is culture these days?

This is just a quick nod in the direction of necessity.  I was following up on a different article and was taken aback.  I clicked onto the “culture” section of the Guardian – and the only articles available had to do with television shows!  The worse part of it is – and I must be honest here- I hadn’t […]