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Presentation GREF – Elingua Collaboration

It has almost been a year since we have begun with our weekly collaboration with GREF: AN OPEN DOOR TO ENGLISH. We would love to hear some feedback – or let’s just say – suggestions. The debate was opened last week at our round table – Is it worth the money invested? – Does the company […]

New HR trends for 2019

Reading this article, one may get the impression that the future is already here. When speaking of trends – do you usually consider that the preparation for future necessities is included? I mean – the topics include how the babies being born this year will live to be over a hundred years old.

The first headline does grab […]

Be Like Water…

Elingua is proud to announce an event we are having in the heart of the financial area of Madrid – at the feet of the Torres Picasso. Sign up ( for our Master Class – you will NOT be disappointed! Send us a quick email and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Light pollution in Spain

Before going on with this article – NOTE DOWN THIS DATE: 24th of May, 2019. We are having an event, at the foot of the Torres Picasso. You WILL enjoy it – the title of the talk is “Be Like Water”. If you write to me: I will send you the program.

This article […]

PARE – How far is too far for anglicisms?

Sometimes I have to stop the person I’m speaking with and ask them “Excuse me, but what exactly did you mean to say with ___?”. It’s a bit complicated for me to follow the Spanish meaning of the English words, now used as something “cool”. I’d love to hear your opinions – I tend to remember that […]

We are getting old, and nobody is having babies!

Ok – it’s a slight exaggeration (I’ll never get old ;)), but now that I’ve got your undivided attention – what should we do about it? Whatmore, a few questions come to mind – how do we treat the elderly? What age shall we be expected to work until? How long will the younger generation be socially accepted […]

Control yourself! Help at the hour of conflict – read on!

Everyone has conflict in their lives – at some level. But – exactly how good at it are you? I mean – do you let it become conflict, or do you have a technique and actually enjoy it? Oh – and let me be clear – by conflict – I mean any sort of conversation in which […]

Beauty in sustainable energy – for real this time

First things first –
the picture is “just a pretty window” – I didn’t want to steal any images. Follow
through with the article and to her web and you will have plenty to see of her
original work.

At this stage of life, we all know that our companies must and can do their part in forging a better – more sustainable […]

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    Is humour for all? Apparently not – at least not for women!?!

Is humour for all? Apparently not – at least not for women!?!

Ok – we can take this with a grain of salt. I mean – we are in Spain and not the USA. I tend to see less humour involved in business here in Spain. I also see that women in business are very serious anyways. Is that even a fair statement? I hadn’t […]

Motivational Speech of the Century

This is a tear jerker and it has an effect on anybody, I’d say. So – tell the truth – how much time do you invest in listening to motivational speeches? Is a situation of “If you’ve heard one, you’ve heard them all.”?

Tell me what you think after watching this video.

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