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Choosing the seating for a meeting

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Have you ever been in that situation that… you just don’t know? For me, it has always depended on the attitude of the others, so it has never felt like much of a problem – except of course, that one time. That one time it didn’t feel natural, other people were undecided, so, […]

Disgruntled employees? Not here, that’s for sure!

I’ve always said that I’d hire anybody who has McDonald’s on their cv, before other candidates, and possible more qualified candidates. The work ethics are just incredible there! With so many viral videos of unhappy employees in other fast food chains, I guess I mistakenly put them into the same category. Mistake – big mistake.

This article interviews […]

Classified: Training manager financial industry

I typed: training manager financial industry into google and this is what I got. Quite different job descriptions. However, I particularly liked how it was done.
What do you think the job descriptions are for?
Would you post something similar, or vastly different?
These jobs are in Canada, and there is a constant: quite clear and concise, and all the while, they […]

Preaching to the choir in Human Resources

I’ve got a few questions for you.  As far as I know the term “Human Resources”
is becoming extinct.  Now the titles are
much more open.  So – suffice to say,
just the title of this Ted Talk caught my eye. 
As I listened, I noticed that this speaker is an excellent speaker for
ESL students – well paced, great intonation, and her talk […]

Such rich HHRR vocabulary, Monsters Inc. never grows old!

This is a short recap of all of the scenes with what seems like a burnt out civil servant. Have you seen this movie? Don’t shy away from it due to the fact that it is seemingly for children. The entire plot takes place in a factory, and the situations may be applied to practically […]

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    Did the predictions of the technological trends of 2018 come true?

Did the predictions of the technological trends of 2018 come true?

There are always predictions of what is most likely to happen in the upcoming year – what do you think of what happenned last year? As far as I understand, the economic field is the most advanced with their technological trends.

Watch this video and let me know your thoughts!

Elf on the shelf – really???

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One tradition that came about while I was already living in Spain – and never fully understood.- THE ELF ON THE SHELF?  Can anybody explain that to me? How in the world could that tradition even begin??  eeks.

All of a sudden I started seeing all of these pictures on my friends facebook profiles – of these […]

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    Sustainable Development Goals, David Attenborough speaks out and up for Climate Change

Sustainable Development Goals, David Attenborough speaks out and up for Climate Change

After speaking with some of our students in the economic sector, it was brought to my attention that a topic of interest is the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS set out by the UN.  Although Number 1 is to end poverty, this week has been an interesting week for climate change, as none other than Sir David Attenborough spoke on the […]

Brexit – explained

Brexit is an oncoming reality.  Have you thought more as a Spanish person, or more on what that would mean to the British person?  There are quite a few Spanish people working and living there, or vice-versa, British living in Spain.  What does this all mean to them?

Many comments I’ve heard have to do with “whose fault it was”… […]

Numeracy Skills – the basics

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Is there much of a difference between generations of people you know?  When I first came to Spain, I was impressed about the general skills that most anybody had concerning math, culture, language.  It seemed to be like a very sound and broad education.  I’m not quite sure I still think the same.  Read on and […]