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HR VOCAB, straight from the HR Trend Institute

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This is a straight out vocabulary list.  do you employ any of these terms in your daily activity? If you wanted to delve into things, you could write me a sentence for each word or expression, and we can check if you are using it properly.
do you have […]

Personality traits that may limit your career


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Everyone has a part of them that needs some working on, especially when it comes to teamwork.  This is a nice little listening exercise with pertinent vocabulary which enables us to think a bit of how each one of us acts, and how we could act.

What are you like?

Suggested homework:

Remember, before listening, write down a few questions that you […]

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    Part 5, Final Part of Netflix Series of Articles… and the Aftermath?

Part 5, Final Part of Netflix Series of Articles… and the Aftermath?

Closing our series of articles commenting on how Netflix reinvented HR.  This is an interview asking about the aftermath of the strategic changes implemented in the company.  I find it easy reading with interesting vocabulary, with nothing much else to add.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually be able to make such changes and see how things panned out […]

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    Managers Own the Job of Creating Great Teams How Netflix reinvented HR, bit by bit. PART FOUR.

Managers Own the Job of Creating Great Teams How Netflix reinvented HR, bit by bit. PART FOUR.

This time, before while you are reading, try and replace the words in bold.  Any questions? Remember, the purpose of these articles is to practice usefull language, in an environment where it’s ok to make mistakes. We want to practice, practice, practice.  So… send us your work, and we will correct it!


How Netflix reinvented HR, bit by bit. […]

Everybody has an ongoing say vs. PIPs

How does your annual review change your working habits? This is the thought behind this article, and NETFLIX set out to save time and uncomfortable situations.  I think they did it, and it makes sense.  Enjoy this part of the article, below.  Remember, you can access the complete original article here.

Look at how this vocabulary is used, can you […]

An Honour Policy for Time-off? Really?

How Netflix reinvented HR, bit by bit. PART TWO.

You can catch up on PART ONE and read the beginning of this article.  I believe it’s worth it.

Link to the original article.

Vocabulary to investigate before reading (links with meaning and pronunciation):

To rely on
Instead of
To hire
High-performance workplace
To deal with
To let go
To talk openly
Time off
To […]

The continuous HR puzzle

How Netflix reinvented HR – bit by bit. Part 1.

Link to original article

This article is huge, and it’s from 2014! I believe that there are so many excellent points here that we can take it on in small parts… Mini topics for mini-discussions.
If you want to read the original article and see the slides, I invite you to go […]

The Importance of Services in E-Learning

The majority of people prefer learning in an actual classroom to learning on their own, in front of a computer.

From a student’s point of view, I understand that one may prefer a teacher. So I have to ask myself, why?  It may seem obvious, but the idea stems from the concept that nowadays, without any apparent obligation, we use […]