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There is a lot to be said about writing an email properly.

There is a lot to be said for writing an email properly.  We have many requests for specialized classes.  Perhaps it is that in English we are much more to the point, however, not direct.  My recommendations: simplify.

Let’s get our conversation started with this video, as yourself these questions previous to watching it:

What does she do for a […]

Musicals – Sharing tastes?

I don’t think my huge love of musicals is shared by… any of my friends (yes – I have friends 😉 ).  I tend to think that it’s somewhat cultural – most of the musicals I know originated in the Anglo-Saxon world.  In the past, I think it’s safe to say that not so many people spoke English, much […]

What comes first, the money or the person?

When you
think about this title, what comes to mind?  Consumerism perhaps? Following your
dreams?  Never better said:  don’t get fooled by the title!  Such a lovely topic:  money. 
Well – it turns out that this study came up with some results that I
found to be extremely valid, obvious and quite frankly – surprising at the same

So – skim through
this article and […]

Brexit, gambling and the possible benefits for Spain

It seems that the world has gone mad… politics is just going – crazy! No matter what “side” you are on, no matter what conversation it is – there is no denying it.  So – when I come across a little gem like this article – full forward.  The original title varies, it speaks of the complexity of the […]

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    Malta as the most competetive European Country? I wonder why.

Malta as the most competetive European Country? I wonder why.

Click to original BBC article.

I was doing a search for an article to do with economics, competition, the Euro. This came up, and I just could not avoid it. I don’t know much of the Maltese culture, except that we work with an amazing language school there for intensive courses. I usually recommend it when someone […]

Got the back to work blues?

Try a system to get you out of it. Fact: you have to go back to work, even if you don’t reallllly want to. You might as well enjoy it!

This article goes over a few game plans to go back to enjoying your work, and to get over your holidays with a smile on your face.

Click […]

Why I’ll always have work

It’s true… for some reason, here in Spain, people share a common trait which has guaranteed, and continues to do so… that I will always have a job.

I’ll give you a hint:  Among other things, I’m an English teacher.

The common trait (you might be asking yourself)?

El sentido del ridículo
This may work against me (if you were to adhere to […]

Some Christmas traditions – explained

Have you ever wondered why certain traditions are followed during the Christmas season?  Of course, everyone probably knows the typical cultural differences (Santa and the legend behind him, for example), and the Three Wise Men.  They don’t visit every country, however.  There are many traditions that aren’t necessarily followed here in Spain, or at least, not to the “T” […]

Elderly couple wins big and the reaction is priceless

This is the “million dollar question”… and it’s great for level testing in English, so, I’ve heard quite a few responses.  MUCH to my surprise… when I interview a group of people who happen to work in a bank… well, what do you think, are their responses similar?  AS a matter of fact, they are.  And I must say, […]

British Slang

Link to original video on Youtube

Both of these actresses have an excellent pronunciation.  I have a feeling that many of our students would be surprised at the lack of vocabulary that both continents share.

The truth is, slang, or even everyday sayings are quite particular to specific areas.  so – no – I didn’t know ANY of these expressions!  Now […]