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Pizza, what could go wrong? Right?

Here we go… I must have been hungry when thinking of the topics to include this week! I would say that this is as silly as it gets. Truth be said – people are more relaxed when on their free time – in the kitchen – or with pizza 😉 so DO suppose that they are more accident prone.
Don’t […]

Technology fills voids and fulfills dreams.

I love technology – but not as you may think.  I’m from the generation of those who were first-hand witnesses of the dawning of the age of communication.  I remember the first conversations of people trying to describe to me what the internet was, or how to send a fax – or… how RUDE it was to answer the […]

Just Do It – Has done it again!

I’ve heard quite a bit of discussion over this campaign.  What do you think? Is the controversy worth it? Do you think that people burning up their trainers is a good thing?

Don’t forget to send me your thoughts or comment below!

Click to the original short article with corresponding vocab suggestions.

The sportswear maker Nike has announced it will use […]

Walking, other than for exercise

Going for walks releases your creative process.


With this short video from Ted Talks, I suggest the following. 

A few questions for afterthought:

Do you already do this?
Do you already do this, and hadn’t realized this particular benefit?
What do you do to release your creative process?

I enjoy these types of exercises for our students.  This empowers you to advance […]

Ted Talks: Imposter Syndrome

Click for original video

Guidelines for listening exercise:

Go ahead and watch this video, at first without worrying about anything or understanding.
Then, ask yourselves some questions that may come up (even the basic questions of Who, when, why, what, where, how).
Listen to the video again, looking for the answers to your questions.
Next, read the transcript (without listening […]

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    I’ll bet you didn’t know: They’ve finally completed the works at the Eiffel Tower!

I’ll bet you didn’t know: They’ve finally completed the works at the Eiffel Tower!

Link to original article at The Onion

Suggested additional language learning activity:

Write me a paragraph ( :

as to why you should deserve to live in the penthouse if this was actually up for sale at a reasonable price to the one who best defended their position.
and if you were to refute this article, how would you go about […]

Don’t Insist on English!

Don’t insist on English! 

Original video (if you prefer to watch it with subtitles, you may choose that option in the link above).


Welcome! This seems like a fitting video to commence our season of the course of 2018-2019.  With such a title, you may have doubts as to my reasoning.  Well, Patricia is speaking about exactly what I find […]

Ellen Found the Funniest Commercials

This is an excerpt from the popular tv show Ellen. She and her team have selected some funny videos for commentary.

Ellen is quite easy to follow for all English speaking levels and always has something pleasant and fun to say. Remember, it’s never important to understand every word being said (but that is a completely different lesson!).

Now, for the […]

Jamie Oliver’s hints as to how not to waste food

Do you already follow any of these practices?

Anything surprise you?

Go to original video by clicking here (to see English subtitles!)

This is a little gem for vocabulary… so, let’s start the competition.

Try naming the different foods as he goes along.  Too many?  Too easy? Too difficult?

Change the challenge… tell me… what VERBS does he use?

I realise that we’re doing a […]

There is a lot to be said about writing an email properly.

There is a lot to be said for writing an email properly.  We have many requests for specialized classes.  Perhaps it is that in English we are much more to the point, however, not direct.  My recommendations: simplify.

Let’s get our conversation started with this video, as yourself these questions previous to watching it:

What does she do for a […]