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Some Christmas traditions – explained

Have you ever wondered why certain traditions are followed during the Christmas season?  Of course, everyone probably knows the typical cultural differences (Santa and the legend behind him, for example), and the Three Wise Men.  They don’t visit every country, however.  There are many traditions that aren’t necessarily followed here in Spain, or at least, not to the “T” […]

Elderly couple wins big and the reaction is priceless

This is the “million dollar question”… and it’s great for level testing in English, so, I’ve heard quite a few responses.  MUCH to my surprise… when I interview a group of people who happen to work in a bank… well, what do you think, are their responses similar?  AS a matter of fact, they are.  And I must say, […]

British Slang

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Both of these actresses have an excellent pronunciation.  I have a feeling that many of our students would be surprised at the lack of vocabulary that both continents share.

The truth is, slang, or even everyday sayings are quite particular to specific areas.  so – no – I didn’t know ANY of these expressions!  Now […]

What would it take to move somewhere similar?

I came across this gem of an article yesterday.  It contains a series of mini-interviews with different people who had decided at some point to move to this remote village, only accessible by boat or a rugged hike.  Who would do that, and why?  You may be surprised, it’s not a village full of criminals, I’ll tell you that!

Suggested […]

How are your microwave skills?

How many times has somebody suggested to you a kitchen trick, or, worse yet, what you were doing wrong in the kitchen!?  I personally am a kitchen freak, so, as I am a proud person, I never think that I’ll learn much in this type of article, but I read it, just to think “ha, I knew that”, and […]

A poker players tips on taking decisions


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Taking decisions…

Have you ever thought of just how many decisions you take in one day, and what the consequences are, or may be?

Over the years I’ve heard many people complaining (who hasn’t, right?).  I do believe though, that we are where we are based on a series of decisions we ourselves have […]

Embarassing moments for entire countries

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We’ve all embarrassed ourselves at some point; it’s just human nature. Dropped food on yourself at dinner with that cute guy you’ve been crushing on? Yeah, he saw it. Said something that you meant but shouldn’t have said to your boss? She heard you, sorry. You can try and explain […]

What does Barney Stinson do? P.L.E.A.S.E.

P.L.E.A.S.E. Barney Stinson

This short video lets the spectator in on a well-kept secret throughout the years of this popular tv series.  It has excellent vocabulary for our purposes, so, enjoy!

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What does Barney do for a living?
Can you describe his job, before seeing the video, and after?
How does he describe […]

Pizza, what could go wrong? Right?

Here we go… I must have been hungry when thinking of the topics to include this week! I would say that this is as silly as it gets. Truth be said – people are more relaxed when on their free time – in the kitchen – or with pizza 😉 so DO suppose that they are more accident prone.
Don’t […]

Technology fills voids and fulfills dreams.

I love technology – but not as you may think.  I’m from the generation of those who were first-hand witnesses of the dawning of the age of communication.  I remember the first conversations of people trying to describe to me what the internet was, or how to send a fax – or… how RUDE it was to answer the […]