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What could go wrong with pushing China too far, right?

Everyone agrees that this is a time for deep political thought, for people to react and take action. People ARE actually voting! Changes can be made! We have all become oh too aware, that – for example – the decisions of some country folk in a different land (the main people responsible for Trump being in power) can […]

The Marie Kondo effect

When was the first time you heard of Marie Kondo and her method? Under what circumstances did you have that conversation? A method to – improve your life? – to clean your house? – to end a marriage?

Yes! You heard right – the last conversation that I actually had was from a desperate wife – saying that […]

I can do that

Enjoy this 8 minute video, very easy to follow – and extremely funny – IF you are British. Quick question – is it funny for you also? Humour can be quite territorial.

Suggested homework –

How many expressions can you get out of the others, for normal everyday situations – that didn’t go through?Describe some of the […]

Politics and the social media: are we learning?

Everybody knows, as our dear Leonard Cohen would have said – but do they care? How much do each one of us actually appreciate how much information is collected about us and used in order to “improve our lives”? I for one, don’t mind – that much. Here’s the thing though – I don’t feel like […]

Where are the limits of our personal freedom?

We know that we are controlled – and we are all quite passive about it – we even reap the benefits I’d say. There is always some sort of plus to being offered exactly what you want, when you want it.

Let me ask you this – do you even read the fine print of the agreements […]

Public Speaking for Beginners

Actually – I think this is an excellent video for a few reasons. ONE – if you don’t know these points – boy have you got alot of important things to learn! Now comes the interesting part – if you DO know what this is all about – EXCELLENT! Now that you’ve got the topic that […]

How far would you go to help your competition?

That is precisely the question that the CEO of Qantas airlines had to ask himself when he received this plee. He went all-out. He actually invited the head of the other airlines to visit their office, and got into detailed responses. Who was the audacious CEO who went straight out to ask him about his companies […]

There is a lot to be said about writing an email properly.

There is a lot to be said for writing an email properly.  We have many requests for specialized classes.  Perhaps it is that in English we are much more to the point, however, not direct.  My recommendations: simplify.

Let’s get our conversation started with this video, as yourself these questions previous to watching it:

What does she do for a […]

Musicals – Sharing tastes?

I don’t think my huge love of musicals is shared by… any of my friends (yes – I have friends 😉 ).  I tend to think that it’s somewhat cultural – most of the musicals I know originated in the Anglo-Saxon world.  In the past, I think it’s safe to say that not so many people spoke English, much […]

What comes first, the money or the person?

When you
think about this title, what comes to mind?  Consumerism perhaps? Following your
dreams?  Never better said:  don’t get fooled by the title!  Such a lovely topic:  money. 
Well – it turns out that this study came up with some results that I
found to be extremely valid, obvious and quite frankly – surprising at the same

So – skim through
this article and […]