Everyone has conflict in their lives – at some level. But – exactly how good at it are you? I mean – do you let it become conflict, or do you have a technique and actually enjoy it? Oh – and let me be clear – by conflict – I mean any sort of conversation in which at least two parts have a different opinion. It may or may not be necessary for every part to end up sharing that opinion – it depends. However, it is somewhat common that most people need you to think like them. What do you do?

This article is grand – touching on actual techniques, that – guaranteed – if you follow through with them – you will end up on top of the conversation (at least in your mind!). This of course, in turn, gives a certain edge on the rest of your day.

Suggested homework:

Think about what you currently do to hand a difficult conversation (even if you don’t have a thought-out technique) and write a list of what you would recommend to others.

Now read the article, compare language, and actions taken.

What have you learnt?

Have a great day!