Before going on with this article – NOTE DOWN THIS DATE: 24th of May, 2019. We are having an event, at the foot of the Torres Picasso. You WILL enjoy it – the title of the talk is “Be Like Water”. If you write to me: I will send you the program.

This article gives a general overview of the situation that we are currently undergoing in Spain. A few questions come to mind: Isn’t it obvious? What damage does it really do? Are we just discovering this? I mean, ever since I’ve been here (over 25 years now!), stargazers know that they have to leave the capital in order to dream in good conditions. What we DIDN’T know is that it is actually doing harm to our future – is it true? Does this mean that the plants are no longer being pollinated? According to this article, there is a relatively easy solution. If that is the case? Why is this even a subject? Ah… THERE is your homework.

Suggested homework:

  1. What is the real damage done by the light pollution?
  2. How can it be avoided?
  3. What cons come to mind when thinking of the solution?